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Video drives the learning experience. A moving picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to clearly illuminating a concept or technique. When you become a Premium Member of, you can view 26 hours of the finest instructional films on the topics of Tantra, Tantric Sex, the Kama Sutra, Female Orgasm, Male Multiple Orgasm and Tantric Massage. It's one of the best home-learning resources you'll find on these topics!

View the live streaming video on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device as many times as necessary to learn the techniques. Practice along with all of the real-life instructors. Pair this with the e-courses, e-books, practices and articles you will have access to as a member and you will become a master at lovemaking!

55 Minutes

Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets

Discover the Tantric Erogenous Zones and the secrets of Tantric lovemaking. Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson teach couples how to stimulate each other in new and exciting ways, mutually orchestrate arousal, and reach higher states of ecstasy. This simple yet ancient system really works. It is a powerful way to enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy. Watch attractive real couples explicitly practicing these techniques. Once mastered, knowledge of the Tantric Erogenous Zones can be incorporated into any form of lovemaking.
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69 Minutes

Tantric Sexual Massage

Create a transcendent erotic experience for your beloved. Spread sexual sensations throughout your partners body with this simple, step-by-step Tantric Massage for Lovers. Discover ways to produce spontaneous ecstasy. Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson teach attractive real life couples how to reach new heights of pleasure by taking erotic journeys together and practicing amazing genital massage. Deepen your intimacy and create a shared sense of reverence by giving and receiving pleasure.
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2 Hours & 44 Min

Tantric Massage for Lovers

Touch is one of the essential keys to a lasting and satisfying intimate relationship. If you would like to learn how to touch your partner in a profoundly sacred and ecstatic way, Tantric Massage for Lovers offers you step-by-step guidance on how to create massages that arouse the senses, touch the heart and rekindle the flame of passion.

Using tantric touch, communication , ritual and energy consciousness, your love connection deepens and giving and receiving a massage merge into one. Tastefully presented by two couples. Skillfully guided by Steve & Lokita Carter with sensitivity and humor.
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1 Hour & 17 Min

The Tantric Journey

This program delves into a lot of material. It's a wonderful program to teach and demonstrate the healing power of G-Spot awakening. There are several couple sequences. One beautifully covers the subjects of clear, empowered communication, re-awakening the G-Spot, emotions, intense pleasure and loving connection. Another is a lovemaking scene that culminates in an intense female ejaculation. A different segment features an interview with a Doctor of Sexology who imparts valuable G-Spot information accompanied by graphics. And woven throughout the program, the producer, Deborah Sundahl, takes us to the outrageously beautiful canyons of the Southwest to illustrate the mysteries of the feminine spirit, the female orgasmic capabilities and our deep, ancient connection to ritual.
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43 Minutes

The Tantric Guide

Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning to weave or sew together. Tantra teaches that the union of man and woman is symbolic of the union of the divine father (heaven), and the divine mother (earth). These are the original creators of life.

This 43 min introduction to Tantra demonstrates easy to do exercises for couples. Increase intimacy and deepen your sexual-spiritual experience!
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4 Hours

Margot Anand's
Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life

A lifetime in the making, this 4 hour program presents the definitive and classic teachings of Tantra expert Margot Anand. Her groundbreaking books "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy", "The Art of Sexual Magic" and "The Art of Orgasm" defined Tantra for an entire generation! In this video series, attractive couples demonstrate the techniques that she has developed over the past thirty years.

With this 4 hour video series you will awaken your inner lover, create a sacred sanctuary for love and develop "sexual fitness" to open to full body orgasm alone or with a partner. Watch the couples practice sexual communication skills to move into deeper trust and intimacy. Enjoy a delightful sensory awakening ritual. Seduce your partner into the mood of love through erotic dance. Now put it all together! Watch the four sexual pleasuring rituals, discover the tantric secrets for becoming multi-orgasmic and enjoy lasting pleasure as you flow through the six positions of tantric love.

These life-changing tools and techniques presented in an interactive format, so you can study in any sequence and at your own pace.
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2 Hours & 10 Min

Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy

Thousands of years ago, there flourished in India and parts of Asia a spiritual tradition we now call Tantra. In these sex positive cultures, sophisticated lovemaking skills were developed as a science and as an art. The techniques you will be seeing in this program are taught by the premier Tantra teachers of our time: Margot Anand, Charles & Caroline Muir, David Ramsdale, Nik Douglas and more.

Main Program Chapters:
  • The History of Tantra
  • The Temple of the Body
  • Ritual Lovemaking
  • The Wave of Bliss
  • Extending Sexual Orgasm
  • Communication
  • Ejaculation Control for Men
  • The Power of Breath
  • Freeing the Female Orgasm
  • The Chakras
  • Balancing Yin and Yang
  • Asanas of Tantra (positions of the Kama Sutra)
  • Oral Lovemaking Techniques
  • Advanced Sexual Enhancement Methods
  • David Ramsdale on mastering yogic ejaculation control and the Male Multiple Orgasm.
  • Nik Douglas, author of Sexual Secrets, on the historical roots of Tantra and the secret Tantric teachings of the Buddha.
  • Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic, on the arts of sexual ecstasy.
  • Charles and Caroline Muir on creating and maintaining Sacred Sexual Relationships.
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1 Hour & 25 Min

G-Spot Wisdom:
Female Desire and Orgasmic Explosions

"G-Spot Wisdom" is an explicit feature presentation that plunges into the rare depths of the female orgasm and female ejaculation with the blessings of physiology, psychology, sexology and tantric bodywork techniques. Expert sex-educators Suzie Heumann and Jaiya deliver spectacular guidance on the true nature of the female orgasm, multiple orgasms, the G-Spot and female ejaculation.
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77 Minutes

Divine Nectar
A Guide to Female Ejaculation

Divine Nectar is an erotic and educational visual delight about sexuality, empowerment, and female ejaculation. Divine Nectar features several artists, musicians, and juicy women from the San Francisco Bay area demonstrating and discussing their experiences with their sexuality and their partners.

Divine Nectar weaves an epic erotic adventure with visionary art animation and a luscious soundtrack complete with revolutionary erotic techniques and education. Unique in its approach to sacred erotic education, Divine Nectar activates us to access our unlimited sexual potential and take our sexuality to a whole new level!

"An astounding and magical journey! Truly a unique tapestry of art, sexuality and education, this ground-breaking gem is hot, wet and enlightening!"
- Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., sex worker turned sex and love guru.

"A beautiful video that expresses the inherent nature of the sacred feminine in female ejaculation."
- Deborah Sundahl, pioneer of women's sexuality, author and video producer.
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37 Minutes

How to Female Ejaculate:
Find Your G-Spot

The G-spot is the female prostate. All women have a prostate. Female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, a fountain of vitamins and minerals. Ancient people around the world knew, honored and enjoyed its healing waters.

Come learn from the expert, Deborah Sundahl. You will flow away from this workshop deeply changed, skilled and knowledgeable about your G-spot, and you will be able to ejaculate.

Immerse yourself in fascinating knowledge of the G-spot - the "hidden gateway" to deeper love and intimacy. Explore the mystery of its orgasm, and find erotic satisfaction in its ultra-feminine source, female ejaculation.

Get luxurious time to re-discover your body and delve deeper into your sexuality. Learn all about the G-spot: where it is located, how to have G-spot orgasms, and how to stimulate the G-spot to bring back its natural state of ultra-sensitivity. Learn how to make that luscious feminine fountain flow!
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22 Minutes

The G-spot Wand Demonstration

This wand is just the thing for G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation. It's perfectly angled for the job whether you use it alone or with a partner. The graduated balls range in diameter and the large ball at the nether end is 1" in diameter. Regardless of which end you insert, the other end can be used as a handle.
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32 Minutes

A Conversation with Deborah Sundahl's Suzie Heumann talks with Deborah Sundahl about her pioneering research into female ejaculation and the G-Spot. Deborah has been active in sex education for over 20 years. She is considered to be one of the world's experts on the subject of female ejaculation.
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1 Hour

Dr. Annie Sprinkle Presents:
Fire in the Valley

Now the most comprehensive female genital massage is here for your home study. This course teaches you a profound way to both give and receive love. You will learn over thirty different massage strokes on the vulva to wake up passion, to integrate past traumas, and to communicate love. The demonstrations here include Betsy massaging her lover-- Emilie,David caressing his pregnant wife--Rachel, Letta pleasuring herself, and Annie demonstrating "medibation", her combination of meditation and masturbation. Dr. Annie Sprinkle says, "For twenty five years I've been researching female sexuality. I've taken and taught many trainings and worked with the world's top sex experts. However, my best source of information has come from experimenting with my own body. The lessons you will learn here have produced the most powerful, deeply satisfying results of anything I have yet discovered."
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56 Minutes

Hearts Cracked Open

Go behind the doors of women-only workshops with the most renowned Tantra teachers in the field as they reveal the secret of how to live in a daily orgasmic state of being. Included are ancient Tantric techniques for increasing intimacy in relationships, solo practice, extended orgasms, sexual healing and personal transformation.

Shamanic healer and Tantra teacher, Marcia Singer, introduces beginning students to basic Tantric principles. Pamela Madison's Tantra weekends address the deepening of spiritual connection between partners and the nitty-gritty of sexual techniques like Fire Breath Orgasm and G-Spot massage. Evalena Rose's advanced 6-month, women-only Tantra group gives the viewer an inside look at the exercises and ritual practices of a puja (worshipful circle) with its dancing, sensual feasting and techniques to awaken the sexual energy in the body. Annie Sprinkle delights with her vast knowledge of sacred sexuality as she shares her own personal Tantric path.

Interviews with Tantra students speak to how their Tantric practices have addressed many of their worst fears - lack of intimacy and performance anxiety. You'll see that Tantric benefits include healing, deeper emotional connection, spiritual growth and sexual growth. A beginning couple and an experienced couple each share their intimate Tantric Practice while steaming up the screen to show the sensuality that Tantra can bring to women's lovemaking.
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54 minutes

The Art of Orgasm for Men

This program on sexual pleasure for men is based on Margot Anand's book, The Art of Sexual Magic and on her Multi-Orgasmic Response Ecstasy (MORE) training workshops. SkyDancing Tantra teachers Kosha Deva and Sohini Genevieve offer step-by-step demonstrations of the methods used to attain the highest possible levels of sexual pleasure, deepening their intimate connection.

The program demonstrate detailed techniques for achieving easy and effective communication during lovemaking including ejaculation mastery for men.
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1 Hour

The Kama Sutra Workshop

Experience a full daylong workshop on Tantric techniques and the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra Workshop is an hour-long video that was shot by a crew from HBO, a few years back. The original ten minute piece still appears on HBO from time to time and is also in the Premium Video Collection. This longer version utilizes most of the footage they shot and puts a much more comprehensive perspective on the subjects covered in the workshop. Watch while five couples learn breathing techniques, intimacy practices, body movement techniques that include freeing the pelvis and hips, sensual touch techniques and more. The best part is the sexual positions that Suzie Heumann explains to the group using a couple hired from the adult industry. She explains G-spot positions, positions for the man that are better for ejaculation mastery, the Tantric Yab/Yum position and other variations on great tantric positions.
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97 Minutes

Tantric Yoga for Lovers

Improve the quality of your relationship and loving, and share gentle exercise with your partner. This video offers easy-to-learn yoga routines for lovers to increase the flow of sexual energy, develop a regular practice for toning your bodies, and balance body mind and spirit - in and out of the bedroom. TANTRIC PARTNER YOGA: A relaxing and energetic yoga practice for lovers that cultivates spiritual connection and prepares the body, mind and spirit for deeper intimacy. YIN & YANG STRETCHES FOR HIM & HER: Learn to give gentle, relaxing stretches to your partner to connect and support each other in becoming more toned and relaxed. TANTRIC ENERGY YOGA: Awaken your life force energy and explore new ways to be together and share energy. Suitable for all levels of flexibility, fitness and ages!
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28 Minutes

The Illuminated Chakras

The Illuminated Chakras takes you on a multi-sensory journey into the mystical beauty of the inner world. Follow the serpentine path of Kundalini-Shakti who represents the vital force that awakens each chakra. Journey from base chakra to crown chakra in this fantastic extravaganza of sound, light, and vision. Experience the elemental realities of each chakra; as earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, and transcendent consciousness. This visionary voyage makes it possible to see and experience the subtle energy of the chakra system that has, until now, only been described! The Illuminated Chakras is written, produced, and directed by Anodea Judith, author of several best selling books and audio products on the chakras. With stunning 3D animation by Alex Wayne and a spellbinding soundtrack by Robin Silver, this open-eyed meditation will delight your imagination, stimulate your energy centers, and awaken new dimensions of the spiritual journey.
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20 Minutes

Pamela Madison Tantra Lesson

Experience the never before seen world of lesbian Tantra in this groundbreaking, award-winning documentary. Go behind the doors of women-only workshops with the most renowned Tantra teachers in the field as they reveal the secret of how to live in a daily orgasmic state of being. Included are ancient Tantric techniques for increasing intimacy in relationships, solo practice, extended orgasms, sexual healing and personal transformation.
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45 Minutes

Suzie Heumann Lectures at One Taste

With 20 years studying Tantra & the Kama Sutra, a background in biology, and a passion for neuroscience and metaphysics, Suzie Heumann is bridging ancient practices and systems with the modern sciences in an effort to better understand orgasm and to support others in their expansion. "Consciousness, clear communication and eye gazing make you feel like you are one with your partner and in the universe, and the more you do it with your partner, the more you do it out in your life. The sex practices can evolve into your 24/7 life". This episode combines sensual real time experiences with ancient techniques and brings it all together with the most current scientific understanding in the field today.
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43 Minutes

Joseph Kramer Ph.D. Presents:
Fire on the Mountain

Joseph Kramer Ph.D. teaches the joys of giving and receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage, a form of erotic touch that often leads to a spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm.

Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, says: "There is no better program to teach a woman the art of male genital massage which is why I use Fire on the Mountain to train my SkyDancing Tantra teachers."
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6 Minutes

Annie Sprinkle's Fire Breath Orgasm

Breath and energy orgasms are wonderful, satisfying and can be mind-blowing. They are easily learned. Sexologist Ray Stubbs calls this kind of orgasm "an energy generation model", as opposed to a "tension release model". Often these kinds of orgasms are taught and enjoyed by the "New Age Tantric types" of people. Kutira teaches the "Wave" where one undulates erotically, thus "activating the cerebral spinal fluid and orgasmic reflex". Harley Swiftdeer teaches the Native American version, the Firebreath Orgasm ( not to be confused with the yoga exercise the Breath of Fire) where one lays down and breathes up through the chakras.
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6 Minutes

Pamela Madison
The Tantric Fire Breath

Here, Pamela Madison demonstrates the fire breath, harmonized breathing, "charging breath," chakra alignment, female ejaculation and the intricacies of G spot massage. Throughout the video, she is a model of what Buddhists would call "right attitude." The bonus material she provides is probably some of the best media instruction available today.
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1 Hour

The Breath of Tantric Love

If you would like to transform your intimate relationship with your partner into a more spiritual and satisfying experience, this program offers a clearly expressed and easy-to-master tantric breathing practice that will enhance your desire, calm your inner spirit and create the perfect setting for share expanded orgasmic pleasure. The Breath of Tantric Love has helped thousands of couples to embrace new perspectives in their physical and spiritual lovemaking.
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55 Minutes

The Art of Orgasm for Women

This program on sexual pleasure for women is based on Margot Anand's book, The Art of Sexual Magic and on her Multi-Orgasmic Response Ecstasy (MORE) training workshops. SkyDancing Tantra teachers Kosha Deva and Sohini Genevieve offer step-by-step demonstrations of the methods used to attain the highest possible levels of sexual pleasure, deepening their intimate connection.

This program demonstrate detailed techniques for achieving easy and effective communication during lovemaking that will deepen orgasmic pleasure for women. You will learn profound ways of connecting Heart and Sex to open the doors to deep intimacy.
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