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suzie heumann Hi, my name is Suzie Heumann. I created Premium Membership so men & women can master techniques that lead to a great sex life. I've spent years studying men, women and sexuality because I believe sex can be a spiritual and enlightening experience, and everyone deserves great sex and true intimacy!

I've carefully reviewed hundreds of videos, books, courses, sex tips and techniques from the most widely-recognized experts on sexuality, sensuality and spirituality and have included the very best in the Premium Membership Area.

Becoming a Premium Member gives you access to the web's most comprehensive collection of videos, audio recordings, e-books, e-courses and articles dedicated to teaching you the secrets of deeper sexual bliss and fulfillment.

The videos are very explicit and cover almost every topic covering the areas of sensuality, Tantra, Tantric Sex and Kama Sutra. The demonstrations, diagrams and frank discussions are all designed to help you become more in touch with your own body and mind, your partner's body and mind and to help you become a much better lover. couple pics

Premium Membership Costs Less Than Most Books or DVDs.

tantra videos There are hundreds of books, DVDs and e-courses designed to expand your sexual horizons.

You can spend $50 to $100 or more for just one e-book or DVD set. It may have a few good tips but once you're done with it, it's over. Then, if you want to deepen your understanding or learn something new, you have to shop all over again and buy more. That gets expensive. More important, you'll never find all the answers you're looking for in just one book or recording.

Becoming a Premium Member is the most cost-effective way to gain access to the most comprehensive, authoritative and explicit collection ever compiled on how to have incredible sex!


Learn to Become a Great Lover Now:

  • Learn the secret of G-spot orgasms & multiple orgasms
  • Master ejaculation control & last longer
  • Create a heart-centered, conscious relationship
  • Learn erotic massage & the art of sensual touch
  • Experience raised consciousness through yoga & meditation
  • Realize transformation and personal growth

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Why Men Like Premium Membership

  • Discover how to drive her wild
  • Master the art of multiple orgasms
  • Stop premature ejaculation
  • Enjoy natural, more powerful erections

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Why Women Like Premium Membership

  • Experience multiple G-spot orgasms - more easily
  • Guide your lover to pleasure you to heights of ecstasy
  • Enjoy deeper intimate sexual connections
  • Discover playful couples' sexy secrets

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