March 30, 2015
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Tantric Sex Positions

In this section, the focus will be on the intent and purpose of the various sex positions. From the classic Shiva/Shakti favorite "Yab/Yum" position to many other more esoteric acts.

Many mystical practices have been ascribed to these sex positions. During these practices, one becomes a part of the unity of everything.

Intercourse is an analogy for the union of opposites, for the male/female union that mirrors the universal aspects of existence. It is one of the most profound experiences available to human beings. It is the divine and ecstatic taste of existence that we long for!

Sex Positions for Female Orgasms

Rear-entry positions enhance G-spot stimulation. In addition, they leave the man’s hands free to touch and stimulate the secondary erogenous zones along the back and buttocks and the breasts and chest, much like the tiger that uses his paws and teeth. Variety is easy to come by in this position. You can adjust the angle of penetration, the ways you move about and the depth of penetration in the basic position. This allows the woman to tailor-make the experience for herself while having a lot of room to increase the pleasure for her partner. It also enables the woman or the man to stimulate her clitoris.
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VIDEO: "Piercing Tiger Position" Preview

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Not only are new positions fun to try, they are often the key for women to learn how to increase their pleasure and help create the possibility of vaginal or G-spot orgasms. Men will also get much more satisfaction from intercourse by discovering positions that increase their stamina and give them better control over how long they last. Premium Membership has explicit instructions in the art of the Kama Sutra Sex Positions. View videos and photos, read articles and listen to audio instruction.




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