March 30, 2015
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Male Sexual Response

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While male sexual response can vary greatly, men have a reputation of being ready for sex all the time. In reality, men need touch, desire, and attention as much as women do to feel turned on. Preconceived notions of male sexuality can actually hinder a man’s full sexual response. Fortunately, ancient techniques have been rediscovered which can help him with the fullest expression of his sexuality as possible.

NOTE: An ancient Taoist love text says that a woman’s sexual energy begins in her heart and then moves to her genitals. For the man, the energy starts in the genitals and then moves to the heart. This difference, when worked with consciously, can bring about the healing of misunderstandings between men and women.

It’s often said that a man’s second brain is in his penis. Men have about four times the amount of testosterone that women have. Testosterone is the hormone most responsible for sexual feelings in both men and in women. So if men have so much more of it, it’s no wonder they sometimes feel impatient with a slower-to-arouse female...

Men tend to be visual responders. They are stimulated by the sight of breasts, hourglass waistlines, and buttocks. He sees a woman walking down the street, his testosterone kicks in and, as his penis expands, his self-control shrinks...



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