March 28, 2015
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Help for men who would like to last longer

by Suzie Heumann

couple Q) How can I stop from having quick orgasms? Sometimes I ejaculate after 15 seconds! My partner is not able to climax. This was a big problem in my first marriage and I do not want to take it to a second marriage. Please help me - it is the most important thing, right now.

A) The Tantrics and Taoists have developed, over thousands of years, simple, easy and fun techniques, to help train men to learn to last longer. And that is your mission - training. Should you choose to accept this mission it will require:

  • Some quality time devoted to having fun training sessions
  • Learning to relax in the excitement of orgasmic bliss
  • Changing your breathing habit of chest breathing to belly breathing
  • Learning simple communication styles with your partner
  • Loving your body and all the wonderful things it's capable of

Having said all that, most men see significant results in just two weeks of practice. This might encompass six focused workouts! Sounds painful, doesn't it!

All kidding aside, you are not alone. It's reported that up to 75% of all men ejaculate within 2 to 5 minutes of beginning intercourse. The hurry-up techniques are a result of many things that may include guilty feelings, fear of getting caught self-pleasuring, out of touch feelings with our bodies and honesty and trust issues with our partners. Very often men have just trained themselves to come too quickly.

You and your partner are about to embark on a wonderfully fulfilling journey that is remarkably easy for most men. I qualify this because there are some men that need to see a specialist, whether it is a psychologist or a urologist, for related problems to premature ejaculation.

Space here doesn't allow for a full lesson plan but the basic technique is to practice solo or with a partner to simply last longer. This should begin with self-pleasuring that, on a scale of 1 to 10, stops every time you reach an 8 or 9. Relax and deep breath into your belly for a few minutes and then start again. This will require some self-restraint at first but the results are well worth it. Bring your focus and willpower to bear. You will very soon understand that as you get closer to the ability to not go-over-the-top you will actually be experiencing orgasmic-like pleasure without coming.

After a few weeks of practice, when you have intercourse with your partner, you will have to, in effect, start the process over. You'll have to stop at that 8 or 9 place and rest. This time, though, the results should happen much sooner. Your body and mind will be working together this time.

There are excellent books available on this subject. Check the Catalog online for resources on this subject.

How can I prolong my orgasms…

by Suzie Heumann Q)
I have been married for 2 years now and these days I have noticed that I come really fast. Is there any way I can prolong my orgasm? I used to be able to "do it" three or four times a night but not any more. Can you please show me some light here?

Tantrics and Taoists do indeed have some light to shed on this issue. First, ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing and they don't necessarily have to go together. Orgasm can occur separately from ejaculation, and therefore multiply for men, when they learn the techniques of mastery. Even modern medicine is now recognizing this fact.

Ancient sexual explorers took ejaculation mastery for granted. The elite probably perfected it during times when some men had several wives. As can be imagined, they had to be able to satisfy many women, so they had to last.

Young men in their teens, twenties, and sometimes into their thirties can have several erections leading to orgasm and ejaculation each time. As men age, however this ability seems to vanish. Techniques thousands of years old teach that by separating the orgasmic contractions from the contractions that propel the semen, a man can become multi-orgasmic without losing his energy or his ability to have very strong erections.

The techniques are actually easy for most men to learn. They require a little training time, some self-control (especially in the beginning), and focus. If a system of analyzing an individual's sexual response cycle is used, that establishes the use of a scale of 1 to 10, the practitioner can evaluate his progress.

The basics include:

  • Arousal techniques that take you right to the edge (don't go over it) of the point of no return. This may look like a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale the first time, but an 8 the next, as you improve. This is how the scale is used to get you trained to go to the edge
  • Self control and focus so that you don't give in to going beyond that edge
  • Deep belly breathing
  • Complete relaxation in high states of arousal
  • A commitment to practice a few times a week (gee, what torture!)

Mastering these sexercises will allow expansion to the point of realizing full control of the ejaculation reflex, full body orgasms, and much more enjoyment. It can be fun practicing either solo or partnered and often gives a partnered couple new territory to explore in their sexuality that is enlivening to the relationship.

Space doesn't permit the full details, but there are books, audio, and video instructional programs that are very inexpensive. They are easy to use and most men will be astounded at the results in just a few weeks. Additional benefits include stronger erections, a more fulfilled partner, improved prostate health, and the possibility of multiple orgasms.

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