March 3, 2015
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Train Your Brain for Sex: Video is Worth a Billion Words

by Suzie Heumann

It’s well known that women like cuddling, touching, kissing and often oral sex to really get into lovemaking. We know that men like these things too but the stereotype is basically true; women want intimate warming up. But his Mirror Neurons may be learning from pornography that she’s always ready and willing. And that she moans in a certain way and craves in a certain way and so on. But it ain’t necessarily true! This chasm can cause problems in the loving department.

Your brain has a special type of neuron called a Mirror Neuron. These neurons play a very important role in human learning. Mirror Neurons allow your brain to mimic what you see and thus learn how to do it. The same areas of the brain that light up while you are dancing also light up while you are watching dancing. Those same areas react and are the same when your lover gives you a smile and moves in for a kiss. Your brain is mimicking the moves and the sentiments of the action. You smile, you move in for the kiss and your brain is firing away just like his.

Though the outcomes leave much to desire, this is what is happening when a man, or a woman, watches pornography. His Mirror Neurons are firing the same messages as the guy he is watching and the event he is watching too. For now, we’re going to leave aside the fact that his sub-conscious knows that what he is watching isn’t real. That’s another lengthy subject but what is important is that he might be learning the kinds of things that aren’t necessarily part of the real world. But he’s learning them just the same. It may not be accurate but he’s tracking every move. His Mirror Neurons are working just fine but is this what he should be learning and mimicking?

For a moment let’s explore their bedroom. Assuming a heterosexual couple, he may be assuming that she needs no time to warm up and is always ready to have intercourse. He learned this from pornography watching. In pornography, the women are horny, hot and ready for action, sometimes with multiple men. His mind discounts the fact that this is theater; paid actors in a career that needs to always up-the-ante on action-packed sex. You can imagine that this situation might start affecting how they make love or not make love. It may be alienating them in different ways. The path down this road looks rocky and uninviting.

If you’re stuck with your Mirror Neurons why not have them learning and training you in the subtle, adventurous, edgy, orgasmic, consciousnesses training aspects of Tantra and Tantric Sex? If it’s videos you want to watch then why not ones that will educate and be provocative at the same time? Watching a man practicing ejaculation mastery while in orgasmic pleasure with his lover is what the Mirror Neurons really want!

My husband and I are filmmakers. Many years ago we had the opportunity to videotape some famous neo-Tantra teachers demonstrating G-spot massage that lead to multiple orgasms with female ejaculation. I was watching intently as we filmed, well, let’s say my Mirror Neurons were watching intently. I was awestruck. That night, as we were making love, I said “ Caroline was making some interesting deep, resonant sounds and she was open and kind of ‘pushing’ her energy out from her body”. (Watch this Free video to see what she was doing.) I started mimicking her body language and sounds and I immediately started into a marathon orgasm event with female ejaculation and multiple orgasms. We were both astounded at the power of witnessing someone else in orgasm.

My point here is that if a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a video worth? And how can you easily train your Mirror Neurons to respond in these ways? And the answer is; if you can’t always watch the Tantra teacher in person then watch them on videos!

The films included in’s Premium Members Area are the best of the Tantra educational videos on the market today. A wide range of subjects is covered and your Mirror Neurons can easily learn the techniques that will transform your loving and your life experiences. Subjects include positions, the Kama Sutra, Tantric yogi techniques like breathing and visualization, female ejaculation, ejaculation mastery for men, Tantric massage, intimacy techniques that can be used at any time and in any place, communication skills, touch exercises, freeing the female orgasm, the energy systems of the body and the charkas, oral love techniques, relationship hints and the creation of rituals to enhance your lovemaking experiences. That’s just some of it. Only you can train your Mirror Neurons so why not let Margot Anand, Charles Muir and Caroline Muir, Mare Simon, Steve and Lokita Carter, Annie Sprinkle, Pamela Madison, Evalena Rose, Anodea Judith, Robert Frey, Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, Nik Douglas, David Ramsdale, Joseph Kramer, Deborah Sundahl, Tallulah Sulis, Victor Gold and Suzie Heumann help you out.

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