March 30, 2015
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Kegel Exercises For Lovers

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kegel exercises This is the best set of exercises you’ll ever learn. The PC Muscle exercises known as Kegels Exercises have many advantages. They are best known to help strengthen and tone the whole pelvic floor to prevent things like incontinence during middle age. But they are also the secret to Pompoir, turning oneself on and better orgasms. Pompoir is the art of "milking" the Lingam (penis) of your partner. These exercises tighten the whole PC muscle group and result in you having control of your muscles to add to you and your partner’s sexual experience during coitus.

When your PC muscles get regular exercise you will find that it actually turns you on. You will better be able to identify and distinguish your G-spot and anal muscles in addition to stimulating your clitoris without even touching yourself! As you perfect these exercises and strengthen the muscles you’ll begin to notice that you can isolate distinctly separate groups of muscles in your pelvic floor. This enables you to isolate your clitoris, for instance, and stimulate yourself at any time. It’s an excellent trick for getting yourself "juiced up" for a hot date or romantic evening. You may even be able to train yourself to have orgasms in this manner. Kegel exercises increase blood flow to the pelvic region, which aids in the increased flow of hormones and helps engorge the vaginal area. With increased blood supply and stronger muscles we prep ourselves for better, stronger and more amazing orgasms. Our G-spot is directly energized and stimulated...



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